Stand-up paddle boards are an excellent way to get out on the water and appreciate nature, and getting yourself the right type of inflatable paddle board will help you do just that. With the market filled with different kinds of inflatable SUPs, how will you choose the right one for you?

What Are Inflatable Paddle Boards and Why Choose Them

Inflatable SUPs are made with heavy-duty PVC, and have an air core made by drop-stitch technique. Inflatables should feel as hard and sturdy as an epoxy board when properly inflated, and they are also extremely robust and can withstand harsh situations. They glide across the water's surface rather than cutting through it, so they're a little slower than fiberglass SUPs.

Paddle Board United States

Inflatable paddle boards are a great option if you don't have a lot of space for storage or transportation. They'll deflate completely to fit into a duffel bag for convenient transportation. Most inflatable SUPs include a backpack, allowing you to carry them on your back and hike to your desired place before inflating them.

Types of Inflatable Paddle Boards

Inflatable paddle boards come in all shapes and sizes. Short, medium, and long boards are available, each with a shape that defines the purpose and performance you wish to achieve with the board.

All-Around Inflatable SUP

All around boards are the SUPs best for any level of experience. They have a wide deck and rounded nose, usually 10 feet or more in length. General paddleboarding, SUP yoga, SUP fishing, tandem paddleboarding with a dog or friends, and learning the basics are all possible with all-around boards.

Surf Inflatable SUP

Surf boards are made to have more maneuverability and speed. They are shorter, about 7 to 10 feet in length, and highly sensitive to the riders’ weight distribution. Meaning you'll have a hard time balancing when you're stationary. These boards have a narrow and pointed nose, and are recommended to riders with more experience.

Touring Inflatable SUP

Touring-type paddle boards are long and streamlined, about 10 to 13 feet in length. These SUPs have a narrow deck and pointed nose. These finely-tuned SUPs are designed for racing and long-distance paddling.

Final Thoughts

The general principle of how a board’s dimensions affect its performance is that a longer SUP will have more glide than a shorter one, and a narrower board will be faster than a wider board, but the wider board will be more stable than a narrower one.

These generalizations help you cut down your options so you can concentrate on the specifics of the boards that satisfy the activity you’re about to take. If you're looking for the best inflatable stand-up paddleboards, visit ROC SUP Co. We have the best paddle boards available right now. ROC paddle boards are versatile, long-lasting, and pet-friendly, with the added bonus of being totally inflatable.

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