ROC SUP Co. is proud to offer some of the highest quality boards in the industry and we will gladly stand up for the workmanship of our products. Each board passes strict quality checks while they are produced to ensure you get one of our top quality boards every time.

Warranty Policy

All of our paddle boards come with a 1-year warranty that covers defects or flaws due to manufacturing or workmanship. The warranty does not cover accessories nor does it include damage caused by normal wear and tear, cuts, abrasions, scrapes, or damage resulting from improper use, treatment, or storage. We typically ask for a photo or video to clearly illustrate the damaged area. Boards deemed defective and slated for replacement must either be decommissioned or returned at manufacturer’s discretion before a refund or replacement can be issued. Please refer to the User Manual or get in contact for more information. Please contact us to initiate a claim; these are subject to our Return Policy and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Because of the nature of paddle boarding, we cannot warranty the performance of any board or accessory for individual riders and varying levels of skills and abilities. We cannot guarantee against damage or breakage and cannot protect or warranty against circumstances outside of our control.

Please note that our Warranty does not apply to:

  • wear and tear sustained through normal use
  • boards purchased used or second hand (includes Amazon Warehouse Deals)
  • uses exceeding manufacturer recommendations
  • failure to comply with instructions including, but not limited to, inflation/deflation, pressure recommendations, assembly/disassembly, or handling procedures
  • any cut, puncture, or abrasion sustained through use or damage from unreasonable or unapproved methods of use, transport, or storage
  • damage sustained through extreme weather or environmental conditions
  • boards damaged by accident, neglect, improper use, or handling
  • damage arising from being towed by power or sail boats or other craft
  • modifications or alterations performed without the advice of a ROC Specialist 
  • boards that are used for commercial or rental purposes (sorry guys!)
  • boards that are lost or stolen

Relief under this warranty is limited to the replacement or repair of defective materials or workmanship only. We shall not be held liable for incidental or  consequential damage to personal property from, but not limited to, defective unit, improper use, abuse, accident, or neglect, etc. We shall not be responsible for any damage or loss other than for the product purchased. It is the customer’s responsibility to prevent misuse of the equipment and to replace parts when due to the natural course of wear and tear they must be replaced. It is essential to inspect each component before use. No warranty will apply to items which have been used for purposes not intended, or which have been altered so as, in the manufacturer’s judgment, to affect adversely its performance. We are not able to warranty issues that have been modified or repaired without our discretion or direction. This warranty is for the original retail purchaser only, and cannot be transferred to used products. Renewed or refurbished items, Amazon Warehouse Deals, eBay, craigslist, Facebook marketplace, and other vendors of used products do not constitute a retail sale and these are not covered by the warranty.

Return Policy

We will accept returns on brand new, unused items in original packaging within 30 days of the original purchase. Refunds will be provide back to the original payment method used to complete the purchase. This applies to both boards and accessories. Refunds greater than $1,000 may be subject to a 3% restocking fee. Please contact us for return shipping information. The Customer will be responsible for return shipping fees. We apologize but we are not able to accept returns on items that are used; we appreciate your understanding.

Shipping Policy

ROC SUP Co. is happy to offer FREE standard shipping on our paddle boards to all customers living within the Continental US. We unfortunately are not able to offer international shipping or cover any replacements, returns, costs, taxes, or fees associated with these kinds of shipments. We are working to expand our area covered by free shipping!

We do our best to provide delivery estimates for boards but please note that there are rare cases where delays may occur. We make every effort to expedite shipping and get you your board as fast as possible, but delivery times provided are an estimate and cannot be guaranteed.

We reserve the right to update this policy at any time without notice.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions or requests. We appreciate your support and understanding and look forward to getting you on board with Team ROC!

Contact Us

For immediate inquiries please give us a call: 727.201.2459