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[gravityform id="2" title="false" description="false" ajax="true"] Jim McNarenVerified Review Read More My 6 year old kayaks along side me and sometimes I tie his kayak to my board and I paddle while he sits, lays or stands on the board with me (with tons of extra room front & back). I’ve even boarded around with my mom on it with me. At the end of the day, everyone gravitates towards it. Whoever I am with always wants to try it, when their kayaks are parked on the beach, we are all out on the paddle board sitting on the side like a floating dock, or swimming in the middle of the lake taking turns on it. That all being said, when it’s time to deflate and pack my board back up, it’s pretty much a 3-5 minute job. I’ve got it deflated, rolled up (starting from front is the easiest in my experience) and in the back pack ready to pop in the trunk before most even have all their stuff out of their kayaks! ? Oliver DupreVerified Review Read More Overall- I am super pleased with the board, ease of use, and most of all the fun that i’ve experienced in the short period of time that i’ve had it. I hope this helps anyone who has the same questions I had when I first started researching. Michael AndersonVerified Review Read More My ROC board has been fantastic. My wife bought a different board (it was ok) however I wanted one with a higher weight capacity. This holds up to 350 lbs. I have had myself(larger male) and both my children on it with me with no issues. The paddle is very nice as well. They put floatable foam inside the rods to prevent it from sinking. We have left these blown up for several days and neither have lost any air. I haven’t tried the water proof bag yet but love that it came with one. The bag is really nice as well. We love that we can transport these. We’ve now used them on 3 different lakes and our only snag was busting a center fin which was my fault. You can easily buy a replacement for about 15$. Overall we couldn’t be happier. It’s nice to get into the paddle board game without spending $1,000 per board. Sal MajorVerified Review Read More I was super nervous on this purchase, being that it was my first inflatable SUP, and I knew nothing about the brand. After doing some research and reading the reviews, I decided to take a leap and I am so happy I did! I am OBSESSED with my board. Even with it being my first Inflatable, all the pieces are pretty standard and self explanatory. I’ve had it for a few weeks now, and used it a number of times. I opted to use the hand held pump they send with instead of purchasing an electric and haven’t had issues. Overall, everything has held up perfectly. Bonus that the design is sleek looking. Thinking of potentially buying another. Grant HalperterVerified Review Read More I was looking for an affordable, inflatable paddle board that I could stow away and easily inflate when I wanted it. I have rented inflatable paddle boards that are double the price of this, so I was pleasantly surprised to see what great quality this board has! It is sturdy when blown up and definitely big enough for me and my pup (plus it was easy for her to stay on). I love how it fits easily (with the pump) in the backpack which makes it convenient for throwing in the back of the car or in a closet at home. Would definitely recommend to others! Previous Next

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