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Why Inflatable Paddle Boards?

Inflatable paddle boards and hard paddle boards offer different advantages and disadvantages to their users. Inflatable paddle boards (iSUPs) are inflatable versions of traditional paddle boards that are lightweight and easy to store. Because they can be deflated and rolled up, inflatables are great for storing in small spaces or on trips, such as camping or boating trips. They’re also very affordable compared to hard paddle boards. On the other hand, inflatable paddle boards tend to be slower than hard counterparts due to their soft material construction. They also require more maintenance, as they need to be periodically aired up or else risk becoming damaged from lack of air pressure.

Hard paddle boards are the traditional type of paddle board used by surfers and water sport enthusiasts. Hard paddle boards maintain their shape regardless of what conditions you use them in, and thus provide a better performance experience than inflatables do in terms of speed and maneuverability. Hard paddle boards are typically more expensive than inflatables, but offer greater durability and higher quality craftsmanship due to their solid construction. Some hard paddle board designs come with fins that can help improve tracking and stability while paddling.

In general, inflatable paddle boards provide a great option for those looking for a cheap way to get into the sport of stand-up paddling without sacrificing too much performance quality. Hard paddle boards on the other hand are best suited for experienced riders who have already tested out inflatable options and wish to push themselves further with higher performance capabilities that harder materials can provide.

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