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Jim McNaren

Verified Review

My 6 year old kayaks along side me and sometimes I tie his kayak to my board and I paddle while he sits, lays or stands on the board with me (with tons of extra room front & back). I’ve even boarded around with my mom on it with me.
At the end of the day, everyone gravitates towards it. Whoever I am with always wants to try it, when their kayaks are parked on the beach, we are all out on the paddle board sitting on the side like a floating dock, or swimming in the middle of the lake taking turns on it.
That all being said, when it’s time to deflate and pack my board back up, it’s pretty much a 3-5 minute job. I’ve got it deflated, rolled up (starting from front is the easiest in my experience) and in the back pack ready to pop in the trunk before most even have all their stuff out of their kayaks! 🙂

Oliver Dupre

Verified Review

Overall- I am super pleased with the board, ease of use, and most of all the fun that i’ve experienced in the short period of time that i’ve had it. I hope this helps anyone who has the same questions I had when I first started researching.

Michael Anderson

Verified Review

Verified Review
My ROC board has been fantastic. My wife bought a different board (it was ok) however I wanted one with a higher weight capacity. This holds up to 350 lbs. I have had myself(larger male) and both my children on it with me with no issues. The paddle is very nice as well. They put floatable foam inside the rods to prevent it from sinking. We have left these blown up for several days and neither have lost any air. I haven’t tried the water proof bag yet but love that it came with one. The bag is really nice as well. We love that we can transport these. We’ve now used them on 3 different lakes and our only snag was busting a center fin which was my fault. You can easily buy a replacement for about 15$. Overall we couldn’t be happier. It’s nice to get into the paddle board game without spending $1,000 per board.

Tracy Laine

Verified Review

Verified Review
I’ve only used this SUP once and It was my third time ever Stand Up Paddling so I’m not an expert on this matter but I gotta say this I made a right choice choosing this one. It’s sturdy and stable. The three fins make a big difference. While I was out the water got choppy plus jet skis and boats passing by throwing wakes I was still comfortable enough to stay standing, while kneeling down was much better. The air pump works good. It comes with two ‘rubber rings’ that goes onto the air socket, make sure to try both, one is slightly wider and keeps the valve fully sealed while you’re hitting 10+psi. It takes me like 10 min to reach 13 psi. I’m 5,5ft 114lbs and I don’t need the 15psi if it’s just me on it. The dry bag is surprisingly really good. The paddle is adjustable and comfortable, light enough, nothing fancy. I’d does float for a few mins. Enough for you to recover it when falling. It’s all black so I’d add a bright color tape for some visibility. The backpack is actually pretty cool. Although I’d appreciate a better design with the shoulder straps and waist belt. After 10 min walking with the board, pump, paddle and whatever else you bring it gets quite uncomfortable. Bungee cords are great. 6 points instead of 4 where most of all other SUP I saw they had. Leash works great. Overall I’m glad I chose this one. I spent LOTS of time comparing and searching and checking reviews and videos and what not.

Grant Halperter

Verified Review

I was looking for an affordable, inflatable paddle board that I could stow away and easily inflate when I wanted it. I have rented inflatable paddle boards that are double the price of this, so I was pleasantly surprised to see what great quality this board has! It is sturdy when blown up and definitely big enough for me and my pup (plus it was easy for her to stay on). I love how it fits easily (with the pump) in the backpack which makes it convenient for throwing in the back of the car or in a closet at home. Would definitely recommend to others!

Sal Major

Verified Review

I was super nervous on this purchase, being that it was my first inflatable SUP, and I knew nothing about the brand. After doing some research and reading the reviews, I decided to take a leap and I am so happy I did! I am OBSESSED with my board. Even with it being my first Inflatable, all the pieces are pretty standard and self explanatory. I’ve had it for a few weeks now, and used it a number of times. I opted to use the hand held pump they send with instead of purchasing an electric and haven’t had issues. Overall, everything has held up perfectly. Bonus that the design is sleek looking. Thinking of potentially buying another.

Steve Yorgh

Verified Review

This is my first SUP board, and I’m very happy with it! The size of the board is perfect, great quality board, bag, paddle, the works… they definitely did an amazing job with this paddle board! Best Purchase Ever! The bag it comes with is comfortable and easy to carry, I must admit, I was worried about the size of the bag but they managed to make it big enough to the board and all your goodies.

Jake Sliobur

Verified Review

I spent quite a bit of time shopping around for a reasonably priced paddle board that came with all the accessories and I read a lot of great things about the quality of this board, so I went ahead and purchased it. Right out of the box everything looked high quality. I haven’t used it on the water yet because it’s still chilly in Colorado but I inflated it in my house and was very impressed with the durability. It was easy to deflate and pack up in the carrying bag too. I was shocked how nicely everything fit in the bag and how light it all was, I mean I wouldn’t want to carry it for miles and miles, but it’s doable. I can’t wait to get out on the water! I’ve been recommending this board to all my friends who are the fence about buying one. There are lots of places to rent them here in CO but by the time you spend the summer renting, you could’ve just bought one, so do it! 🙂

Nina Mendez

Verified Review

This is the second SUP I have purchased, and is far superior to the first. My first was a board made by Bestway, and although it was quite a bit cheaper than this board, it is definitely worth spending the extra $$ on this board! The ROC board is longer and wider than my old board (making it waaay more stable to stand on, which is great, especially for beginners), yet somehow also seems less heavy to transport (inflated or in the travel bag.) This board inflates extremely fast with the included hand pump, compared to others I have used. (Takes me no more than 5 mins from start to finish to blow it up by hand.) I weigh 125#, and usually only blow it up to between 7-9 PSI. (Recommended minimum is 10 PSI, but I have found this isn’t really necessary for someone my size.) For comparison, regarding inflation time, other boards have generally taken me anywhere from 10-15 mins to blow up. This means less time working; more time playing in the water! I have used this board nearly every day since I have purchased it, and it has done great in the lake as well as the river. The waterproof bag it comes with was a great added bonus as well! Plus, there is a year warranty included, in case anything happens to your beloved new board. (Just make sure you register your board with ROC when you get it!) Overall, I have been very satisfied with my experience with this board, and highly recommend!

Dave Rainnes

Verified Review

Verified Review
I was so excited to get this for my girlfriend and me to use when we would go to the river. We were so amazed with the quality and the stability of the paddle board. It’s super portable and convenient to have on standby. Our experience at the river was amazing and we can’t wait to go back.

William Neeme

Verified Review

Went out for my first paddle boarding adventure with the Roc iSup. Set up was easy, but there was hesitation in trusting the electric pump. Soon after the first round on the water, I felt that we should check pressure with the manual pump. Once properly inflated (after user error), the second trip on the water was much more enjoyable. This is a complete package for those just getting started. The board is high quality and the “freebies” make the value even better. This is a great set up for a first timer too. I would highly recommend this product.

Tanya French

Verified Review

I can’t believe how amazing this board is! Our whole family just loves the ease of use and fun for all.

Jazz Cook

Verified Review

Before I bought the ROC board, I was considering the Body Glove inflatable SUP from Costco for $399, but in all honesty, the reviews for the ROC were better and the price point was nice too. With the ROC board, you get everything that it says it comes with: the board, one ore, the manual pump, the ankle strap, an awesome backpack that holds everything, and even a wet bag to keep your things dry. I am able to take my board to and from the water by myself without any hassle. The board is super light weight and the ore, wet bag, and ankle strap can be attached to the board for easy carry. It took about 5-6 minutes to pump my board up, and it takes no time at all to deflate. If I choose to, I can avoid getting wet on my ROC as it is super stable and rides nice on lake waves and ripples. Standing up seems a little unstable at first, but the board is also inflatable which gives a different feel when boarding but nothing a little practice cant help with. ALSO! ROC has exceptional customer service and reply very quickly. The registration for the warranty is also very simple and takes little to no effort to get the one-year warranty. Lastly, I got the black and white color scheme for my ROC and I absolutely love it! Very nice eye appeal and I couldn’t be any more satisfied. I highly recommend this inflatable SUP compared to other competition. What sold me was the price point, the quality, the reviews, and also the customer service.

Arlene Filcher

Verified Review

Took my new board out for its first ride last week and it was AMAZING! Super easy to set up and the perfect size for me as an over 65 female, 5’7″ 130 pounds. Customer service was very helpful with my purchase and answering all of my questions. Highly recommended!

Bob Norman

Verified Review

I ordered this ROC inflatable SUP about two weeks ago and have already taken it out four times. It is absolutely wonderful and feels very stable. I have ridden hard boards before and this is my first iSUP, but I must say, it feels about the same as a normal paddle board. Having the bungees at the nose of the board with 6 anchor points (as opposed to 4 like most competitor boards I looked at) provides plenty of cargo space and feels very secure.
I will say, if you often ride in choppy or windy conditions, a touring board with a more pointed nose will be a bit easier for maneuvering, but this one can still hold its own.
Blowing this board up is pretty simple as well.
I would definitely recommend this board to a friend!


Verified Review

We are beginners in SUP. After a lesson last year at Virginia Beach on a hard board we decided when we got back home to Kentucky to buy inflatable for storage, portability, and use on flatwater.

We purchased two one for my wife and one for my stepdaughter. They are fairly easy to inflate it does take some arm strength but my wife and 13 year old stepdaughter can air them up in about 10 min to the 15 psi which I don’t think is bad.

They are firm but have some give. Felt sturdy maybe not as much as the hard board we used at Virginia Beach but we also realize we only paid 350 for an entry level board which has exceeded our expectations.

The extras are nice too. A nice dry bag, and a super comfortable
backpack to store and carry. We have an Ancheer also and it’s backpack
is garbage compared to the ROC backpacks. Lots of straps and padding to
make it easy to pack into places. Even our 13 year old can pack hers
around with no discomfort.
The paddle is also very nice. It floats in case you drop it and it extends to a good height. I am 6 foot with a long arms and it fits me well.

Deflating them and storing is super easy too. Our daughter can fully deflate hers and roll it up with no assistance. We can fit both in the hatchback of my Jetta wagon with lots of room to spare.

We purchased these at the beginning of June and have had them out on four different lakes already. Sunday we paddled a good 4 miles and into a narrow cave and it did awesome.

All in all if your nervous about trying out a board and are a beginner on a budget I think they are a great place to start.

Bridgette Kenzie

Verified Review

I ordered two of these inflatable paddle boards for my charter catamaran in the caribbean. The conditions down there are pretty tough – the boards are getting beaten down all day by the caribbean sun and constantly splashed in salt water. So far these boards have held up great! I like that they are thicker (6″?) than the previous inflatable boards that we had, so they are more supportive of full size adults. The inflate to become very rigid and are as stable as you can expect from an inflatable… I still manage to fall off – guess I’ll have to keep practicing!
All in all I give these boards 5 stars and I’m looking forward to seeing how they hold up. I also like that ROC is willing to stand behind the boards with a warranty – very nice!

Abbey Murphy

Verified Review

Where to begin…..Ordered three boards for our family and we have had a blast all summer on! We decided on inflatables due to portability and have been very happy. I am 5’1 and it would be difficult to unload standard board off top of vehicle. We have one seasoned boarder and two newbies so the I was a little worried about stability of an inflatable. My 14 year old daughter can use the pump and inflate to full so we all do our own and it has worked great. We board with our two dogs and even with a little wind or current stability hasn’t been an issue. The boards are very durable but we just lay a yoga mat over the end just as a precaution. My husband is 6’1 at 180lbs and I’m 5’1 at 150lbs so they are good for really anyone. The price is great as we would have never been able to get three at the crazy prices I’ve seen on some other boards.

Lee Coolins

Verified Review

First off when I opened my box, everything was nicely packaged, everything looked nice quality. I pulled everything out and it was all there. The board is really sharp looking. I have used a inflatable board prior so I knew how to pump it up, took me about 5 minutes. It wasn’t too hard you just get your arm workout in when your trying to get the last bit in. I put the fin on and took it to the water, it’s still cold water in Kentucky but I took it out and it was stable, didn’t even get wet and had my cousin on there with me. It was easy to maneuver and the paddle was nice compared to one I have used prior. After I got it all deflated, it all fit in the bag perfectly so it was easy to carry. The cushions are nice. I haven’t tried the phone bag case but I will at some point. I recommend Roc paddle board. I plan on taking it out many more times this summer.

Mark Martin

Verified Review

Absolutely love this paddle board! It’s very accessible when I’m traveling around and super light weight to carry down to the water. I feel super secure every time I’m on it, wouldn’t even know it’s inflatable. I would highly recommend!


Verified Review

I am an owner of a very nice SUP which I use in coastal Maine, both for riding small waves and for long “strolls” into the marshes. Great fun but I needed a second board so that I could have a companion on these adventures. My ROC board is perfect for use in the light waves and in the marshes. First of all, the equipment that comes with it works well and made my purchase complete. The pump worked effectively and inflation was a breeze. Also, the directions and Q/A were helpful so I was never confused in the set up. Even though I still love my original “hard” SUP, I am very pleased with the ROC and enjoy switching back and forth between my two boards. I haven’t had it for very long–one long trip into the marshes and two days in the light ocean surf–but it seems to be very solid and durable, and performs very well. I’m a big fan so far!!

Amanda C.

Verified Review

Verified Review
I was weary of ordering an inflatable SUP, however after countless hours of research I landed on this ROC SUP. I am so pleased with my decision and am extremely grateful for the video resources that showed the board in action, and not just calm settings but the displaying the durability of the board.

Once I got, I used the manual pump to inflate to determine the level of effort and much to my surprise it was not near as difficult as I was expected but rather was easy to inflate. I followed the directed PSI and did feel like I was over pumping it the first time but stoped to read if that was normal and confirm that was 🙂

Once I got it on the water, my daughter (9) and I easily got on the board with PLENTY of room! The board is very stable and neither of us had trouble launching, paddling, or docking. My kid even transferred vessels on the water- off the SUP and into her dads kayak and then back again. No topples!

Another mention for you is the sturdiness that this board provides. As an inflatable I am always wondering if it will pop, however have been so pleased to see no wear and tear here! I paddled over a rather large branch / tree that I didn’t notice under the surface of the water until it was too late but turns out.. wasn’t too late. I hit it but the board was perfectly fine!! I also let my 9yr help me carry it (she likes to help) and she had lost grip of the back and dropped it on the short where there was gravel. No problems there either, not even a scuff.

Lastly, the bag that is comes with to carry is TOP NOTCH!! I love it and can carry the board and store it with ease. Wonder if they make a hiking bag as good as this carrying bag?! If not- they should! The padding and straps are perfect!

I am likely going to buy another one for friends to go out with me as well since this has proven to be so effective! So pleased with this board and grateful for the company!!

Tina Hakim

Verified Review

Verified Review
I love my board! It is compact and I can take it anywhere. It fits perfectly in the back pack and inflates to a stable, rigid board capable of carrying me and my pup on active adventures. I chose turquoise because it’s one of my favorite colors and looks so stylish out on the lake. My daughter has the same board, in black and white, and uses it on the ocean. Our ROC boards are perfect for an active lifestyle, on any body of water, no matter your age!

Bryan Taylor

Verified Review

Purchased two for vacationing on the northern Great Lakes. The large duffel bag it packs into took up much less space than I anticipated. The board is easy to inflate, lightweight to carry and stable in the water when correctly inflated. The pump gauge worked perfectly to make sure we inflated the board to the correct PSI. After use the board was easy to deflate and pack up. Exceptionally pleased with the purchase!


Verified Review

This paddleboard is exactly what I wanted – it is extremely sturdy, balanced, wide, and comfortable. At the same time, it is very light (I am a small person but can carry it in one hand!!!). My dog can easily and comfortably sit up front while I paddle from the back. One of the first times I took this paddleboard out, I went into a narrow channel with lots of boats and waves. I was worried the paddleboard wouldn’t be able to handle the waves, but it was FANTASTIC! I barely felt the waves, and after that, have felt very safe and comfortable on it. It is SO fast because it is light, but also very balanced. A perfect paddleboard for nervous beginners like me. It comes with all the accessories you might need (or haven’t even thought of!), and it’s so wide that I can place a drink and other things in front of me and keep paddling around. I can also lay down and take a snooze while sun-tanning in the waves – just a wonderful paddleboard. It is worth the money.

J. Ryan

Verified Review

I loved the compactness and ease of use. This is a great board. Very lightweight so you don’t have to struggle to load and unload from the top of your vehicle. Fits in a large backpack so very easy to transport. Inflates easy, but I would purchase the electric pump versus the manual pump. I was worried about how sturdy an inflatable board would be but once inflated it feels and performs like a normal board. LOVE IT!

Happy Paddler

Verified Review

I love my new board! My partner and I were super lucky to get a last min camping spot at D.L.Bliss. We wanted to bring up our boards but we both didn’t want to pack our other cruiser boards…they totally slow us down on the freeway. So I decided to grab this epic inflatable board kit. I am soo happy with this purchase. The kit is compact (easy to pack) and super light. We were inflated in just a few min and were able to hang out on the beach all day long. We are so happy with our purchase that I am going to get one for my partner for Christmas!


Verified Review

After many hours of research and reading reviews I decided on roc paddle boards. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Excellent product very sturdy easy to inflate and it’s one of the lightest boards on the market for this size. I have purchased 2 so far and will be getting a 3rd next spring as now the weather is starting to get a bit cold.

Terry Kima

Verified Review

I purchase this Paddle Board for my children and it is a very high quality fully featured paddle board. it came my all of the necessary accessories and even more than competitors offer. it is very sturdy and easily inflated and deflated. the storage bag and the other items provided are superior quality to the other paddle boards I have owned. I highly recommend this product because of its quality and the customer services professionalism of the company.


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