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Is this website or advertisement legitimate?

Recently we have been getting reports of fraudulent advertisements being run on Facebook, instagram, and other social media channels for our products. They are NOT legitimate or associated with us in any way! We are incredibly disappointed to see that this is happening and we are working diligently to get them taken down. You can find our authentic boards here on our website (check for a secure SSL-encrypted connection to or on Amazon but any other outlet is not authorized. We recognize in the frustration that these cause and we appreciate your assistance in flagging the ads when you see them. If you have been affected by these sites, we recommend reporting the purchase to your payment provider for a dispute and chargeback. Again, we share in the disappointment that this is going on and appreciate your understanding and support.

How do I tighten the paddle adjustment?

If you’re finding that your paddle does not stay locked in place, it’s a simple fix with no tools necessary. When the clamp is in the unlocked (open) position, simply turn it in the clockwise direction to tighten the connection. It might feel like it catches on the plastic, but it is designed to do this so it does not spin freely. Gently spin the plastic clamp one full revolution to start and you’ll see that the screw causes the clamp to pinch more tightly on the paddle, locking the handle in place.

Why isn’t my PSI gauge reading when I start pumping? 

The pump will typically not show a pressure reading until approximately 5 PSI, although your board can look–and feel–full enough to stand on around 3 PSI. If you are pumping up the board and it looks inflated but is not reading a PSI value, just keep adding air! You cannot overinflate your board with the included manual hand pump so keep pumping and you will see that the gauge shows a reading as expected.

I hear air or see bubbles from around the valve. What should I do? 

If air is coming through the valve area, not to worry–a simple tightening is all that is necessary. Using the valve wrench that was included with your package, gently tighten the valve by turning a quarter or half turn clockwise until the valve no longer spins. You may need to turn the valve more or less depending on how loose it is, but it should not take excessive force to do so. There is no glue or gasket at this part of the board, and air is held simply by forming a pinch seal between the inner and outer valve portions.

One of the small permanent fins has been bent. Is this okay?

Your small permanent fins are meant to be pliable and occasionally they can become slightly deformed. Not to worry, the fin will naturally regain its shape over time and with use. If left in the sun for an hour, the fin should warm up and be easily flexed back to its original shape with no impact to performance or safety.

What PSI should my board be inflated to? 

We recommend inflating your board to 12-15 PSI depending on rider height and weight as well as ambient temperature. On a hot sunny day, you may need slightly less air than on a colder day. If you stand on the board and the nose and tail are flat with the surface of the water, your board is properly inflated.


How do I deflate my board?

To deflate your board, simply press down on the valve stem and give it a gentle quarter turn in the clockwise direction; this will lock the stem in the open (down) position and you will hear air rushing out. Rolling or folding the board while the valve is open will help speed up the process. When you are done deflating, we recommend turning the valve stem in the opposite direction to close it (in the up position) so that it is ready for the next time you inflate. You do not need any extra tools or accessories to deflate your board.


I broke my fin/paddle/leash/pump/hose/backpack; where can I get a replacement? 

Sorry to hear that! Unfortunately our warranty does not cover accessories, but you can always order replacement parts by visiting the Accessories page of our website at

Are you really shipping in 4-8 days?

YES! All of our orders are processed as soon as they are received. We utilize various logistical access points across the country to ensure that you get your order as fast as possible.

Do the paddles float? 

The paddles are designed to float for a short period but not indefinitely; if you become separated from your paddle on the water, retrieve it as soon as possible. If it becomes waterlogged, simply disassemble the paddle into two pieces to empty out any water it may have taken on while floating.

What’s the best way to keep my board in long term storage? 

We recommend storing your board in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. If you’re putting it away for the season, it is recommended to gently wash the board to remove any dirt or debris. A solution of dilute dish soap and warm water can be used to clean off any parts that have become dirty. Once clean and dry, roll the board as you typically would and store in a cool dry place.


I haven’t received tracking information yet. 

Sometimes the shipping carrier has a slight delay in their system; if you received a confirmation of purchase, your order is processing and you will receive tracking information as soon as it is provided by the carrier. In some cases it can take a couple of days to get tracking information but rest assured that your order is processing and heading your way.


Do I need a life jacket? 

It is essential that you familiarize yourself with the local rules and regulations of your area prior to going out. In the United States, the US Coast Guard considers paddle boards as watercraft and thus requires that safety gear such as life jacket and signaling devices be carried while on the water.

Do you sell wholesale? 

We apologize but unfortunately at this time we do not have wholesale opportunities available.

What are you up to next? 

Follow along with us @rocpaddleboards on instagram, facebook, or pinterest. Tag your next adventure with #rocpaddleboards — we love seeing all the awesome places people all over the globe are enjoying our boards! You could even win a new board or other cool stuff so be sure to follow along.

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